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I am a woman and was told that it is possible without masturbation, also when you have a sudden pain, or under hypnosis. Anybody experienced this?
Actually, the reason for me asking this is, that a (lady) friend of mine bumped into a shopping trolley at the local super market with her crotch and the pain caused an instant orgasm.

Dream Theater – Panic Attack (Live in LA 2007)

This is a Video i shot of Dream Theater at Gibson Ampitheater performing Panic Attack. Audio by Distortion
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The Way To Understand Mood Disorders

Crucial conditions are usually linked to people who have mood problems.  Sad to say, mood problems can’t truly disappear by themselves, and neither can you tell the person simply to get over it.  A person can’t just get over it that simply because a person can not manage his or her mood disorder. Depression is one of the more typical kinds of mood conditions.  Once we say that the person carries certain concerns, he or she could in fact be battling with depression.  As said by experts the major cause regarding clinical depression may be connected to a chemical imbalance in the brain and will cause the person to have high and low points.  This is exactly what is termed as cycling.  This irregular change in high and low points may sometimes be named manic depression, is one of the many common types of depression that affects people nowadays.  However, if pushed aside and neglected, this depression may result to thoughts of committing suicide and an increased likelihood of suicide. Fortunately, now there are prescriptions and drugs that will assist in curing manic depression.

Dysthymia is another prevalent mood disorder that affects people.  The one affected has a low grade of depression that continues for at least a year and even makes the person highly irritable.  However, this could also be dealt with by typical prescription and medicine as well as certain natural therapeutic methods.

Alterations in sleep patterns and eating lifestyle are some of the common systems of mood disorders.

A person immediately gets annoyed when any of his regular patterns and habits is changed. Those with emotional disorders have a common feeling of not enjoying things that they usually appreciate come to a fore.  This is caused by their emotional reaction being affected by the mood disorder.  And in reality a lot of people do not realize how much they are influenced by mood disorders.

A person who is depressed will generally no longer hold fascination in things they used to appreciate.  And this is a phenomenon that occurs with thousands annually.   Oddly it has not been proven what single main cause might be the trigger for an individual’s depression.  Those who have imbalances in the brain caused by  chemicals referred to as MAOI’s, must start medications to be able to treat it.

Aside from medication, natural and alternate medicines are available also that will assist in making a person feel better when he or she suffers from depression.  Several individuals do not take kindly to the notion of getting some type of medical healing due to religious or financial causes. Either way, it may be more practical to go for for a natural healing.

The good thing is there is hope for those who suffer from mood disorders should they follow specified steps and practices.  First is to pay a visit to a physician for you to obtain a correct diagnosis.  Once carried out, the person can be settled on a plan of treatment and healing that will relieve their mood disorder. It is not extremely hard to have one’s life back by handling a mood disorder.  Effort and a lot of patience is needed but there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Urbane Scrubs


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this room is heavily populated so i’m asking here and this is a genuine fear of mine

End Panic Attacks with Panic Away

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I’m not sure if hypnosis really works, but i heard of the Hypnosis Orgasm. Does it mean to make your partner experience a whole new feeling or does it mean to have an orgasm just because of words? Does it exists and did someone try it? Questions after questions… 🙂

How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?

I’m running for the Freshman Council next Wednesday. So, how can I overcome my fear of public speaking? I have to give out a speech in the front of 700 freshmen!! How can I force myself relaxing and my heart beat in a normal pace. I know I have to practice, practice, practice. Please help me. I do not your ridiculous answers like "practice or do your homework" You have to explain more details! Please tell me your experience of overcame your fear of public speaking! Thanks

End Panic Attacks with Panic Away

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Come, reza, ama (MTI) (Spanish Edition)
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Despues de un divorcio traumatico seguido de un desengano amoroso y en plena crisis emocional y espiritual, Elizabeth Gilbert decide empezar de nuevo y emprende un largo viaje que la llevara sucesivamente a Italia, la India e Indonesia, tres escalas geograficas que se corresponden con otras tantas etapas de busqueda interior. Este libro es la bitacora de esa doble travesia, en la que la autora descubrira el placer sensual de la buena mesa y la buena conversacion (la dolce vita romana), la paz interior alcanzada mediante la meditacion en Bombay y, por fin, el deseado equilibrio entre cuerpo y espiritu[Read More]

Attitude for Confidence

At this age I did not have enough respect for myself, I was too concerned what people thought of me and was easily persuaded into doing things and going places that I in didn't want to. After reading some of the books as mentioned above I realised this and asked myself a question: Am I boring? I have lots of interests, theatre, cinema, eating out, chess, football, snooker, golf, horse racing, tennis, music to name a few. By this age I was becoming bored of going out drinking alcohol. I decided to be strong and stated to my friends that I was now only going out drinking once a month. Originally, every Friday and Saturday night people would phone asking me if I was going out, if I declined I was criticised, your so boring for example. My new found attitude, though hard at first to adopt and follow through meant that I didn't really care and I certainly didn't bow to pressure. One particular friend, Phil, was particularly verbally aggressive and demanding, calling me different names. He was seemingly in shock that someone was standing up to him. On one afternoon I fought back and said to him: Whatever you say, whatever you call me, I am not going out tonight, however I will go out with you on Tuesday night if you want to? He agreed to this so I asked him if he wanted a game of snooker, or golf, or a trip to the cinema or theatre. He thought all of these options were boring? I mentioned other interests of mine such as chess, again all of the options I mentioned he didn't find interesting. I said to him: OK, where would you like to go??What about the pub for a few beers?? I laughed at Phil and said: I’m sorry mate you’re the one who is boring not me? I then put the phone down on him for a change.

My attitude was beginning to change for the better. I was becoming harder and stronger mentally. A few years later I met my present fiancee and I soon realised I was a long way off the level I wanted to be. Her name is Sharron and a couple of weeks after we had met she invited me to a night out with some of her friends who she said wanted to meet me. I knew I had to go even though in reality it was the last thing I wanted to do. I was worried what her friends might think of me etc. I did attend and managed to cope, however I was very quiet, felt uncomfortable throughout the evening and felt very nervous. I was glad to get back to the safety of my own home! A couple of weeks later I was invited to meet her parents and immediately I had the same feelings as above and the night passed in a similar way with me having a distinct lack of confidence etc. About a month later Sharron agreed to accompany me to a wedding in Birmingham where I was born. On this day she would meet most of my friends and family for the first time. As we were driving on the motorway I thought she must be a bit nervous. I asked her if she was OK and if she was slightly nervous. She replied: What have I got to be nervous about??Well your meeting my family and friends later. Are you not concerned what they will think of you?? Steve, I don’t care what they think of me. It’s what you think that counts and I know you like me!? This was not a front she was putting on. Suddenly I realised how far I was away from the attitude to life and attitude to people I wanted to have. Sharron has helped me to reach that level. Being around positive people at this stage was very beneficial to me.

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How to get over Fear of Flying?

I am 19 and I am terrified about the idea of flying. I would love to get over this fear as there are places I want to go to in life. Also I might be in Africa for a a couple of months next year teaching children first aid so I know I need to get over this.

Does anyone have any tips.

Thank you for the advice. Particulary the caffiene tip as I am a coffee lover.

Advice on self-hypnosis for Sx.Pleasure.?

Advice on self-hypnosis for Sx.Pleasure.?
Does anybody know if this works?
A friend of mine has never been able to orgasm and she is 21… It is frustrating her to the point of tears and it is breaking my heart. I want to get this for her.

You should know she’s a virgin and doesn’t have sex.. Just self gratification and such.

End Panic Attacks with Panic Away

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