Break the Cycle of Anxiety

Break the cycle of AnxietyIf you live with anxiety, you know just how frustrating it can be, and how
difficult it can seem to break the cycle of anxiety.

The very presence of anxiety makes you worry even more, because every aspect of your life is compromised by this
condition. For example, the simple act of going out in public can be an incredibly difficult task – you probably
avoid social situations out of the fear that anxiety will overtake you.

If you are like many anxiety sufferers, it is even difficult for you to relax at home –

your mind is frequently filled with negative thoughts, worries, and a pervasive sense of doom. Fortunately, it
is possible to break the cycle of anxiety. For most people, the most critical step is to utilize self help methods
to head off amxiety.

You can take simple actions to produce remarkable results.

If you use tobacco, drugs, or alcohol, it is very important that you eliminate theseBreak the cycle of anxiety substances from your life. All of these substances produce both mental and
physical tension, which can worsen the effects of your panic attacks. Although you may think that you are
using alcohol or drugs as a means of coping with anxiety, they are actually doing you far more harm than

Another effective way to break the cycle of anxiety is to adjust your diet. Most processed foods, including
those found at fast food restaurants, contain hundreds of chemicals that can trigger bouts of anxiety. Processed
foods also contribute to a wide range of physical ailments, which can worsen your anxiety symptoms. Stick to fresh
fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to help rid yourself of the effects of stress and

Exercise will also help you reduce feelings of panic and anxiety. Even moderate exercise, such as walking or
yoga, releases brain chemicals that promote tranquility. Also, physical exercise releases muscle tension that can
contribute to anxiety and panic attacks.

Break the cycle of AnxietyOne of the most effective ways to break the cycle of anxiety is to
practice meditation. Although many people think that meditation is reserved for long bearded gurus living in
caves, the benefits of this practice are available to anyone. Meditation is not nearly as difficult as it
sounds – with a little practice, you can use it to reduce or eliminate anxiety. If you are not sure where to
begin, try using a guided meditation recording designed for stress reduction. A guided meditation will walk
you through the process of achieveing a meditative state, and allow you to relax enough to begin removing the
sources of anxiety from your life.

Learning how to break the cycle of anxiety will likely require a few lifestyle adjustments. If you have been
coping with stress and anxiety for years, it can be difficult to think about changing things like diet, alcohol
consumption, and exercise.

However, the joy you will feel by becoming free from anxiety will be well worth the effort. Just take
it one step at a time, and you will soon find that a stress free life is well within your reach.

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