Hi, Just to say that I love your website.

It is about time we had someone who gives an honest opinion of genuine hypnotherapy websites. There is so many out there that consumers do not know what is geniune or not and then you waste your money on some of the products that just dont work- \”Thank goodness for your website!!”.

I was also writing to ask if you had or could review any weight loss downloads. I am a bit clueless and I have seen that all the Hypnosis website’s that you recommend all do weight loss ones but im not sure if one is enough or if it’s best to download them all.

If you have done an article about this already, please let me know. I’ve come to the stage where I dont want to be wasting my money on aload of hypnosis downloads that aren’t effective.

Your help will be most appreciated. I look foward to you reply.

Kind regards,


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