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diet-fat-and-thinI do have some favourite weight loss programmes.

I have some info on this page here:


A friend and I did this diet and found it to be easy to manage and very effective. The secret is to eat small meals 6 times a day. This means your body is getting the nutrients it needs and not going into ‘starvation’ mode as often happens with other diets.

Here is the link to the programme, there is so much info on their site:

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

My review is here:

My Review Fat Loss 4 Idiots

As to hypnotherapy solutions for weight loss, definitely NOT to download a whole bunch. Just download one that is highly recommended and stick with it.

This is the hypnotherapy programme I generally recommend for weight loss by Hypnosis Downloads.com ( British accent )

I use this company a lot personally so I recommend them from experience

Weight Management Download bundle

Weight Loss Hypnosis

If you prefer one with a US accent, please let me know.

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