Overcome your

Fear of Exercise

fear-of exerciseIt is often said that exercise is the perfect cure for anxiety.

Why? Exercise actually reverses the symptoms that

are caused by an anxiety attack . Whenever you exercise, your body produces endorphins, often called the feel-good

Endorphins are  the compounds that give you an exceptional high and a feeling of well-being that usually follows a good workout.

The high incidence of stress related diseases today is owed to

the fact that we all live a sedentary life. We all have appliances that help you clean our homes, cars that take us
where we need to go, communication is easy with mobile phones and emails etc and if you really think about it, we
don’t really NEED to take physical work at all.fear-of-exercise

Therefore, when the stresses of our daily lives builds up and finds no reasonable outlet, it manifests itself into stress-related disorders, which include anxiety attacks and depression.


Unfortunately, when you mention exercise the image of a gym,
aerobics, heavy workouts flash before your eyes. The image
itself is so tiring that you immediately turn your mind away
from it and postpone for another day. The “another
day” never comes, there is always something that you ‘need to do’ that takes priority over ‘that workout’ !Days
turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into yearsand before you know you are overweight, bowed by
stress and harassed by anxiety attacks.

The solution is actually very simple: start exercising today; start at any level; start with whatever exercise you are
comfortable. It’s amazing how, once you start exercising, you feel so good AFTERWARDS you wonder WHY on earth you
didn’t get ‘into it’ before !

Experience the joy of a healthy heart and

SO,  Start ! The only must-do with exercises is that you should do it on a daily basis, with no exceptions other than when you are ill and physically incapable of doing it.

hypnosis for exercise motivationIf you are among those who simply hate the sight of a gym, or any exercising routine you could always just walk, or take the stairs instaed of the elevator, walk to the local store rather than take the car.

Use comfortable shoes, ensure that your walk is brisk and continue walking until you break into a mild sweat. You may

start with just a 15-minute walk and gradually stretch it over 30 minutes or one hour – depending upon your convenience.

You will find that your anxiety attacks are fewer and fewer with every day that passes and you will feel MUCH more optimistic about your life.

This is just one example of what basic exercises can do for you. There are many more easy exercises, such as
stretching exercises, yoga and cardio-vascular exercises among others.

Success with Self Hypnosis

By Barrie St JohnHypnoShop.com

There are many benefits to using self hypnosis. It can be used to overcome fears, fight addictions such as
smoking, improve confidence and self esteem, and improve sports performance, to name just a few. In fact self
hypnosis can be used to improve just about anything you want to in your life.

For some people self hypnosis is extremely easy and requires very little effort. Some take to it like a duck to
water, while other people may need to experiment a bit more to reap the wonderful benefits it can bring. This
article intends to help you get the most out of self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis can involve a little bit of trial and error at the beginning until you start to identify the
conditions that best suit you as an individual. Variables such as the ideal body position, or the most opportune
time of day are truly yours to determine based on your particular situation, schedule, and individuality. It’s
important to remember that there are no fixed rules that apply to everyone. Everyone is unique and it is left to
you to identify what works and how you can most effectively reach that desired state.

There are, however, a few elements which will help increase your degree of success with self hypnosis,
regardless of individual needs. Some of the points I will address or based on listening to a recorded self hypnosis
CD or download. However, I’ll start with the issues which should be addressed regardless of whether you’re
listening to a recording or not.

A fairly obvious requirement is total relaxation, which usually requires reduced distractions. So it is very
important to try and find a quiet place that limits or completely obliterates outside sources and choose a time
when you are certain you won’t be interrupted. Ensure that if you have people at home, tell them to not disturb you
for however long you want, unless of course there is an emergency.

Knowing that hypnosis is in fact an altered state on consciousness, it bears noting that the early morning may
not be the best time. You may find you’re extremely alert and hyper-sensitive to distractions at that time.
Instead, pick a time of day when you’re slowing down, or typically starting to feel fatigued. For most people, self
hypnosis is best in the evening time, preferably more bedtime.

The most useful bit of advice I can give to a beginner is try not to try too hard. Self hypnosis requires
concentration, but being overly focuses on being hypnotized will impair the process. Part of the self hypnosis
process is being able to just let go and let it happen to you. Rather than focusing on achieving hypnosis, focus on
nothing, and let the message make its way clearly and seamlessly, effortlessly, whether it’s a recording or your
own words.

Using a recording is a great for self hypnosis. One key factor in getting the most out of a recorded self
hypnosis session is regular listening. Repetition is the key to successful suggestion and the more you subject your
mind to the message, the more it will penetrate and impact.

Another important factor in getting the most out of a recorded self hypnosis session is to wear headphones. Not
only are headphones great if you’re easily distracted, but they also promotes an intimacy between you and the voice
on the recording, closing off outside noises, and facilitating a more direct route to your mind.

Like anything else, you will only get out of self hypnosis what you’re willing to put into it. If you’re
determined to find ways to fight hypnosis and disprove its effectiveness, you’re unlikely succeed. This is
essentially true of anything we do in life. But if you go into it with a clear open mind and you’re willing to
invest the time to find your ideal hypnosis conditions, you can literally reap of benefits of self hypnosis on a
fairly regular basis, even daily.

About the Author

Barrie St John is a leading figure in the field of hypnotherapy and personal change. He is the author behind the
best selling self hypnosis CDs and downloads at www.HypnoShop.com