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Say goodbye to stage fright with hypnosis!

Are you being presented an award, or have you been asked to be a guest speaker at an event? Maybe you’ve been
asked to play a part in a local theatre production, or to honour the life of a loved one departed. No matter what
the reason, standing in front of a group of people is not easy. When the event requires that you
be on stage, feeling calm can seem like an impossible task.

Self Hypnosis Help for overcoming Stage Fright

Many of us experience tremendous fear and anxiety at the thought of being the focus of so much

Even though we may view the opportunity to be on stage as a rare and special occasion, it doesn’t mean we aren’t
afraid. Not everyone is given the chance to stand up in such a way, but this knowledge sometimes makes things
worse. Even though you want to overcome your stage fright, do you find yourself unable to envision the moment
without getting tense? Do you begin to sweat or feel your pulse quicken when you think about it? Maybe you’re
convinced you will trip over your words, forget what to say, or make an embarrassing mistake. Possibly you had a
bad experience once before and facing it again ties your stomach in knots.

Whether it’s your first time or tenth, stage fright can affect you just the same.

It’s possible to overcome this sense of dread and impending doom, though. You can walk onto that stage
and perform like a pro. You have the ability within you to radiate confidence while maintaining inner

Imagine what it would be like to:

tickSay goodbye to your fear of being on stage!

tickConsider yourself a master public speaker!

tickFeel calm and confident during every

Self hypnosis allows you to access the power of your creative unconscious (subconscious) and
develop new ways of handling stressful situations like stage fright.

This self hypnosis / hypnotherapy session will guide you in a visualization of the big event, free of fear. You
will learn to regard speaking on stage as enjoyable by linking it to positive experiences in your past. A calm and
confident air will soon replace your anxiety and stage fright, delighting both you and your audience alike.

By listening to this hypnosis CD / MP3 hypnosis download, you can…

Feel calm and confident in front of a crowd!

MY PERSONAL REVIEW of Barrie St John’s Stage Fright Hypnosis

Barrie has a very soft, deep, relaxing voice with a slight Yorkshire accent which is very comforting. He
starts off by taking you through the deep relaxation phase and in no time at all I could feel my muscles melting
and my body feeling heavier as I relaxed into my armchair.

He asks you to start counting down backwards from 300 but as usual, I could only get to about 280 before
drifting off into a lovely relaxed, peaceful state.
‘Loose, Limp and relaxed’ is a common phrase he
Barrie oftens uses the term ‘creativity of your unconscious mind ‘which really pinpoints the way
these hypnosis products work by harnessing that creativity in such positive ways.

Another great phrase he uses is ‘ there is nowhere you have to be, nobody needs anything, the time is yours,
not a care in the world, nothing at all for you to do except to relax and let go’ which for me, as a busy Mum and
writer is a deeply relaxing thought in itself and not always easy to do so it’s always good to make time for
yourself to enjoy such hypnosis sessions.

I like the choice of music and the 3D effects of his voice tracks makes for a very professional effect
although I would expect nothing less than serious professionalism as Barrie currently sees his clients at his
Harley Street Clinic, London.

After about 12 minutes Barrie’s relaxing words turn to the subject of stage fright .
Although you are drifting off into a wonderful trance like state, your unconscious mind however is still
listening intently and uses his words to continue to make positive changes in your mindset before you go on
Loose, limp…and relaxed…SO, once you are finally there…and subconsciously receptive to
Barrie’s words:
drifting down…drifting deeper….Barrie really takes you deep with this
one……..notice how wonderfully comfortable and relaxed you are..relaxed and peaceful.

He continues:…Allow your mind to drift back to a very special time in your life when you felt a strong
feeling of confidence and pride, a time when you felt really good about yourself, replay the memory on the screen
of your mind…float into the memory, really feel these feelings..make them bigger and stronger, brighter….feel
feelings of confidence and pride….

Barrie is using classic NLP techniques here of anchoring past feelings to present situations so that you can
recreate those powerful and confident feelings whenever you need them…the 3D voice effects are very effective
here in deepening the anchors and enforcing the feelings of calm from deep within your unconscious mind.

Barrie then moves on to visualisation techniques which again are classic, tried and tested NLP techniques
and your creative unconscious mind will respond to them in a very positive manner.
The effects of this
hypnosis session will be cumulative so that it becomes more and more effective for dealing with stage fright and
public speaking the more you use it.

It would be the perfect aid to giving that best man’s speech you may have been dreading. I’m
impressed with this session and can understand how it would bring positive and profound changes to your personal
life and public performances.

stage fright hypnosis download and I will be happy to oblige you with more

Good luck with your performances


NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist

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