Wendi Freisen Hypnosis
Wendi Freisen Hypnosis
Wendi Freisen Hypnosis
REVIEW – Wendi Freisen Hypnosis
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Hypnotherapy is probably one
of the most effective ways to find and release conflicts
, depression, blocks and
illness. If you want to Stop Smoking, Make more money, have Great Sex, Find a lost object, Take
Strokes off your Golf Game, or just find out how to release anger and be happier, then you may
want to consider Hypnotherapy.

Everything we experience, EVERYTHING, is a result of how we
perceive it. We choose our reality, our thoughts and our feelings. When you think you no longer
have a choice about how you think or feel, you are experiencing a block that may be created by an
emotional conflict. Hypnotherapy can find and release the block, allowing you to have the freedom
to think and feel the way you want to think and
feel. Hypnotherapy feels great and it is a fast and permanent solution.

I am so fascinated with hypnosis and I want to share my passion with you.

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Sometimes the best things in life are free.

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Relax and let your stress evaporate !

Stress and anxiety can make you less effective at
work, school and at home. Why make things harder than they have to be? This session will enable you
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Wendi Freisen Hypnosis

US Accent

Wendi Friesen owns the number 1 site on the internet for hypnosis and
hypnotherapy. She began her hypnotic career in 1994 and has since developed a very successful company.
She has been a guest on both USA and British national TV & radio programs. You’ve probably heard her on
commercials advertising her hypnosis CDs on a variety of topics. One I’ve heard on the radio a lot , is for
freedom from alcohol addiction; another is for a quick picker-upper, especially good for truckers/lorry drivers or others who drive long
distances, or for students pulling an all-nighter before a test. Another commercial I’ve heard is for one of her
weight-loss hypnosis program, especially the Zen of Thin and Think Yourself Thin.

Wendi Friesen has a great range of titles some of which are not your average hypnosis session. I have found
Wendi Friesen products to be very professionally produced and very reasonably priced. You have the option of
downloading Wendi Friesen digital products directly from her site or you can purchase them in traditional

The fact is, Wendi has one of the largest collections of hypnosis CDs you can find online. Any
topic you can imagine, you can find on Wendi’s site.

If the sheer volume of hypnosis CDs doesn’t surprise you, the homey feeling might. That’s one thing
I like about being a customer of Wendi’s. She makes you feel like you’re one of the family. Customer support is
excellent; and sales are a common occurrence.

Although Wendi Friesen offers the usual titles such as building self-confidence, weight loss, body building and
phobias etc., she also offers some other interesting cds and mp3s such as ‘Remote Psychic Seduction’ and
the ‘Big O’ (designed to heighten a woman’s pleasure with you know what!).

(GIRLS: this one I can guarantee you will LOVE! )

There are also excellent programs that teach you how to hypnotise just about anyone and how to deepen hypnotic
trance states. She gives great guidance in the use of these techniques of self hypnosis in your personal life or
with your partner for better love-making and a closer relationship. If you are interested in self-hypnosis or
hypnotizing others you can find a list of free hypnotic scripts on the site.

How’s the quality?

Well, if you’ve heard her on commercials you already know what her voice sounds like (except she
usually talks really fast on the commercials!). Wendi’s voice is pleasant and friendly, relaxed and professional.
The music she uses and sound quality is excellent.

It’s obvious that Wendi strives to cover each subject thoroughly, and she achieves that goal. Each
CD I’ve purchased has been obviously very well thought out and scripted. On some of the programs she puts together,
there are several CDs, perhaps a workbook, etc., to cover the topic as completely as possible. If one follows the
instructions – in other words, listens to each CD as instructed – one should have good results.

Wendi’s hypnosis programs are very popular. She has a huge following, hosts contests and online
hypnosis demonstrations and has an active forum and special deals for preferred (higher volume) customers. She even
has a test online to see if you’re likely to be easily hypnotized … so you can “try before you buy”!

In addition, you can even learn hypnosis at wendi.com. Yup, if you’re interested in becoming a hypnotist for fun or
profit, Wendi Friesen will teach you how! In my general knowledge of Wendi, her site and her customer support, I
have a hunch you would learn a lot from her hypnotherapy program.

Overall, I have had a very favorable experience with the CDs I’ve purchased through Wendi’s site, and I don’t think you could go wrong in targeting some of your bad habits or
phobias or personal challenges with her help.

She offers a tremendous guarantee on her site:

“If your life is not changed forever, I don’t even want your

Can’t beat that. Head on over to wendi.com, and see if you can’t improve your life just by listening to CDs that go to the
heart of the matter:

your subconscious mind !


Wendi Friesen makes products that work!

Wendi does not just focus on one area in her scripts but offers a holistic approach. First she clears the
blockages and then she instils the new beliefs and behavioural patterns necessary to make the desired changes in
your thinking and emotional reactions.

The hypnosis programs remove all the mental blocks that you have created which are potential obstacles to
achieving your goal before embedding positive new behaviours deep into your subconscious mind. After listening to
her sessions a few times you really begin to believe, deep down, that the changes you desire are taking place. Soon
you notice that you are reacting differently in situiations and thinking much more positively and clearly about
your objective.

All this happens effortlessly and easily. From the very outset your confidence and self esteem begin to get

As you progress using these Wendi Friesen hypnotic sessions you come to a point where you truly believe that
what you are trying to achieve will happen effortlessly.

So my advice to you is simple. Try Wendi Friesen’s products to help you achieve the changes you desire. If you
have tried hypnosis before with little or no positive effects give Wendi Friesen a try!

Do you want to meet your soulmate, need to change something in your life or you want to create new, positive

You will find a product that suits almost any need at the Wendi Friesen official site. Expertly scripted
hypnotic inductions bring a deep state of trance quickly which becomes more profound with each listen. Her well
designed post hypnotic suggestions make for a relaxing and, most importantly of all, results-producing

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