Can Hypnosis help with
Marijuana Panic Attacks ?

Fear Go- MarijuanaIf you’ve had trouble finding effective techniques for dealing with panic
attacks, you may be ready to turn to marijuana as a means of self-medication.  You may have even tried
marijuana yourself in an attempt to deal with the harsh effects of panic attacks.

Is marijuana a good solution for this condition, and should you be using it as a form of
self help?

Although marijuana is widely used by panic attack sufferers, it is not a good idea to use this drug
to cope with anxiety or panic attacks.  The connection between marijuana and panic attacks has been researched
extensively, and it has been found that marijuana can actually make your anxiety worse, not better.

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First, marijuana has been shown to increase the heart rate of its users  A
rapid heart rate can bring on a panic attack, even if you are not in a particularly stressful situation.  If
you are already having a panic attack, this side effect of marijuana can make matters even worse.

Second, people who use marijuana often become paranoid when they use it.
This is partially because of the chemicals naturally found in marijuana and partially because users know the drug
is illegal, so they worry about getting caught.  In many countries, the penalties for marijuana possession and
use can be rather severe — worrying about paying large fines or spending time in prison can be enough to send even
relatively calm people into a panic attack.

Third, the connection between marijuana and panic attacks is partially due to the
effect that marijuana has on the human body.  This drug stresses all of your major organs, especially your
liver.  Because your body is busy trying to process and rid itself of toxins, it cannot create the optimal
state of health needed to help you free yourself from anxiety and panic attacks.

Fourth, marijuana use severely disrupt your sleep pattern.  One of the key
elements of dealing with panic attacks is creating an environment in which you can obtain deep, healing
sleep.  During normal sleep cycles, your body is able to repair cells and effectively neutralize toxins. Also,
proper sleep gets rid of “junk” thoughts that crowd your mind during the day.  When your sleep pattern is
disrupted by marijuana use, your mind and body do not have the opportunity to properly repair themselves – this
creates an ideal environment for anxiety and panic attacks.

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Fear Go- Marijuana StupidFinally, panic attack sufferers who use marijuana often do
so as a means to mask the symptoms of anxiety.  Although this might make you feel better in the short
term, it allows you to avoid identifying the root causes of your panic attacks.  If you do not allow
yourself to address these causes, your panic attacks will only continue to get worse.

Using marijuana for panic attacks is never a good idea — it doesn’t help, and it
will only serve to make things worse in the long term.

There are numerous ways to deal with panic attacks that are much more effective — if you want to
eliminate your anxiety for good, it is important that you refrain from using marijuana as a form of self-help

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