Build Self EsteemIf you struggle with issues of low self esteem, you know that feeling
bad about yourself can affect every single aspect of your life. There are likely times when you avoid social
interaction altogether, because you simply feel as though you are not as good as everyone else.

Low self esteem can also keep you from preforming at your optimal capacity at work, which can cost you raises,
bonuses, and promotions. Even your home life can be profoundly affected – you may often feel like your spouse and
children don’t love or value you, because you do not perceive yourself as being worthy of love.


Learning to overcome low self esteem can be a monumental challenge, especially since yourfeelings about yourself have probably put you in a near constant state of lethargy and low energy.

Fortunately, there is hope. By using the right strategies, you can learn to overcome self esteem, so that you can reclaim your life and begin enjoying yourself again.

Hypnotherapy can be EXTREMELY effective in overcoming low self esteem issues. Your
hypnotherapist will work with you to help you identify the root causes of your self image, and to remove your
emotional attachments to these causes. Then, you will learn how to replace those negative emotions with ones of forgiveness, confidence, and empowerment.

Although hypnotherapy is not a “magic bullet”, it can be an excellent addition to other strategies for improving
your self image and getting your life back on track.

I often use Hypnotherapy downloads to ‘cheer myself up’ or to get into the right mind set for a
golf game for example.

For self esteem issues,

I can thoroughly recommend these hypnosis downloads:

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Hypnosis Downloads

Self Confidence

Hypnosis Downloads

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Wendi Freisen:

Confidence Power Pack

Counselling can be an excellent way to overcome low self esteem. Many times, just talking about
your feelings can help you put them in a different perspective. Working with an experienced counselor can help you
step away from your emotions a bit, and view them in an objective light. Once you distance yourself from these
feelings, you can understand how profoundly they have affected your life.

A counselor or therapist can also help you by giving you tips and exercises you can use to work past your self
esteem issues, and begin living a life full of energy and joy.

Perhaps one of the simplest and most useful ways of improving your self esteem does not require
working with a professional at all. The technique is simply this:

Turn off your television.

Television programs and advertisements are some of the most significant contributors to self esteem issues. We are
taught by television shows and ads that unless we have perfect hair, retain our youthful looks indefinitely, own an
immaculate mansion, and drive an exotic car, we are just not good enough.

For many of us, this mental programming began at a very early age – we grew up watching perfect people with perfect
lives, and it distresses us to know that our own lives will never be as pristine.

The truth is, as long as we continue to compare ourselves to the people we see on television, we
will never feel as though we are good enough. If you are already feeling bad about yourself, television will make
you feel even worse. Give yourself a break from the negative programming, and you will quickly notice that you feel
better about yourself.

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