I am 13 and have have two panic attacks. i havent gone to the doctor but their is anxiety disorder in my mums past. I had my first panic attack when i had a needle, and the second when i flew off fast scooter. i dont know how to deal with the attacks and my mum dosnt help, all she says is calm down and acts as if im embarrising. i htink she thinks im exagerating over little things. but when it happends its out of my control i cant stop shaking and hyperventilating, my hands freeze up and i had severe tingling in my face and a very pale face.Mum dosnt want to take me to the doctor or buy any medications. i agree with her when she says she dosnt want me on any strong perscribed drugs. she dosnt want to spend lots of money taking me to phyciatrists or phycologists(im not sure which one) but i want to get better. any advice. please give me good answers im realy stressed about it all

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