Can Hypnosis Help You Deal With Panic Attacks?

Panic or anxiety attacks can severely impair your ability to enjoy everyday life and for many sufferers, the
effects of panic attacks can be completely debilitating. Even worse, many people who suffer from panic attacks have
been unable to find relief through traditional methods.

If you are one of these people, then you should SERIOUSLY consider using hypnotherapy to deal with your anxiety

Fear Go HypnotherapyIf you are like many people, you have probably explored every
traditional treatment option available in an attempt to rid yourself of anxiety. Unfortunately, while these
approaches are held as “standards” by the medical and psychological communities, they offer little benefit to
most panic attack sufferers. Counselling, for example, is a slow process that can take months to produce
meaningful results – long enough to make many sufferers simply give up and while prescription medications can
be effective, the side effects that they produce can often be worse than the panic attacks themselves.

Hypnotherapy, unlike traditional panic attack treatments, is both safe and effective. It has helped thousands of
panic attack sufferers reduce the frequency and severity of their symptoms – in many cases, hypnotherapy can even
eliminate anxiety altogether.

This is a great site for further info on the day to day uses of Hypnotherapy.

Panic attack sufferers tend to shy away from hypnotherapy as a treatment option because they do not understand
how it works. It is a common misconception that hypnotherapy is somehow a form of “mind control” – an idea
propagated by stage hypnotists who make their living by convincing people to act like chickens. People tend to
think that they will not be in control while under hypnosis, and that they will not be able to recall what occurred
during hypnosis sessions. So,


Hypnosis is a relaxed, focused state of concentration. That is the definition !

But the actual state of hypnosis is a little harder to define. Until recently it was assumed that it
was similar to sleep, or that the mind was somehow unconscious. In reality, there is a specific state that the
brain enters into when it is receptive to suggestion. This has been discovered on scans during hypnosis.

It is not an unusual state of mind, and may feel like you are not in a trance, or in hypnosis. For most people
they simply feel relaxed. There is a change in the brain wave activity, similar to that time just before sleep when
the alpha state is entered. Your brain’s waking state is a beta brain wave, just as you are going to sleep it
changes to alpha and then to delta and theta in deep sleep.

The alpha state is a very dreamy, pleasant state. During this time the mind is
very open to visualizations and creating a rich sensory experience
The more real the experience
becomes in the subconscious mind during this state, the more effect it will have on your waking behavior.

An incredibly popular way of treating anxiety or panic attacks is by using self hypnosis downloadsto use in your
own time at home.

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So, the answer to the question, Can Hypnotherapy Help You Deal With Panic

MOST DEFINITELY YES ! Give self hypnosis a try !


Once you are able to emotionally separate from the limiting beliefs that produce panic
attacks, hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help you face each day with a refreshing sense of

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