Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety -panic attackDo you live with constant feelings of stress and anxiety?

Are you afraid to leave your house, because you fear you will have a panic attack while in a social situation?

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If so, anxiety has taken a strong hold over your life. Fortunately, coping with anxiety is not as difficult as it may seem – there are several steps you can take to reduce stress without resorting to prescription medications
or counseling.

First, take an honest and objective inventory of your lifestyle. Are you taking productive action to deal with
anxiety, or are you simply doing whatever you can to mask your feelings?

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Many anxiety sufferers are so desperate to obtain relief that they will do whatever is necessary to mask
anxiety, even if it does more harm than good in the long term.

One of the most common methods people use for coping with anxiety is chemical abuse. They use alcohol, drugs, or
tobacco to ease their feelings of tension and stress. Unfortunately, while these chemicals might provide a bit of
short term relief, they actually contribute to anxiety over the long term. If you are using chemicals to deal with
your condition, it is important that you eliminate them from your life.

Fear Go Junk FoodAnother popular method for coping with anxiety is eating junk food – many
people eat when they are stressed, and junk food is often the obvious choice. And because anxiety is often
partially caused by a hectic lifestyle, anxiety sufferers are more likely to depend on fast food than people with more relaxed lifestyles. However, processed and fast foods contain a cocktail of preservatives and other chemicals that are known to aggravate anxiety symptoms.

Even packaged “health foods” are heavily processed, so they have been stripped of the nutrients your body needs
for mental and emotional balance.

Instead of resorting to junk food as a means of coping with anxiety, focus on integrating organic fruits and
vegetables into your diet. Also, choose whole grain breads and pastas instead of white – whole grains support
optimal health, which translates to an increased sense of tranquility.

Avoid deep fried foods, which are laden with saturated fats that are diffficult for your body to digest.

Fear Go Coach PotatoMany people who suffer from anxiety also tend to lead sedentary
lifestyles – sometimes because their busy jobs require it, and sometimes because the idea of getting out and
exercising is simply overwhelming.

As difficult as it may be to get started, physical activity is an important component of coping with anxiety. If you have been spending too much time on the sofa, you will find that even moderate exercise can go a long way toward eliminating your feelings of stress and panic.

Fear Go YogaTry incorporating low impact activities, such as yoga or walking, to help reduce

Coping with anxiety can be simple, if you discipline yourself to make minor changes to your lifestyle. Although it can be difficult to think about making these changes, they can make a profound difference in your life – some anxiety sufferers even find that they are able to eliminate their feelings of anxiety