Stop Panic Attacks When Driving

If you suffer from the effects of panic attacks, you probably already know most of your triggers.
For many people, driving a car can be a major trigger for feelings of anxiety and panic. If you have ever had a
panic attack while stuck in a traffic jam or felt light headed whilst driving on the motorway, you know how
frightening it can be.

On top of the panic attack itself, you have to deal with the fear that you will have an accident
because of your anxiety, which makes your condition even worse.

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Fortunately, you can learn how to stop panic attacks when driving – there are simple techniques you
can use to help keep your anxiety at bay, so that driving will no longer be a harrowing experience for you.

VERY effective for dealing with your driving anxiety.

First, before you ever pull your car out of the driveway or garage, a take a few minutes to do a
deep breathing meditation. Don’t worry, even if you have never used meditation before, this
technique is simple enough that you can use it anywhere. Simply close your eyes, allow your body to relax, and
focus your attention on your breathing rhythm. As you breathe in, imagine drawing feelings of tranquility to you —
breathe them in as deeply as your lungs will allow.

As you exhale, visualize all of your fear and anxiety moving away from you with your exhaled breath. Repeat this
exercise several times, and when you open your eyes, you will find the prospect of driving much less

Another effective technique for stopping panic attacks while driving is to meditate while
holding a familiar object
, then keep the object with you while you are driving. If possible, mount the
object on your dashboard, or any place where you can see it easily while you are behind the wheel.

Your mind will associate the object with feelings of tranquility, and just by looking at the
object, you will begin to feel calmer very quickly.

Quartz crystal is an exceptional choice to use with this technique, because
its energy clearing properties will give your sense of tranquility an extra boost when you are warding off a
driving-induced panic attack.

A third technique to use for stopping a panic attack while driving is to imagine a white, healing
light entering through the top of your head and filling your body with calm, soothing energy.

This is a very simple light meditation technique you can use without closing your eyes, so you do
not have to take your focus off of the road or the traffic around you. It is a good idea to practice this technique
before you begin driving – the more you practice it, the more quickly you will be able to visualize the white light
and access the feelings of tranquility.

Eventually, you will find that this technique works almost instantly — all you need to do is
remember to use it at the first sign of a panic attack.

Once you have practiced and mastered the techniques described here, you will be able to remain calm
while driving, even in the heaviest traffic or on the fastest freeways or motorways.