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How do you calm yourself during an anxiety attack?

I just had an anxiety attack. I get them every now and again (I was diagnosed when I was young with O.C.D but now I have more like anxiety) I hate those and I want to know is there a way to calm myself down? I get mini attacks when its over.

What are the symptomes of anxiety attack?

What is anxiety? and what happens when u have an anxiety attack?

Has anyone ever drank alot, and i mean alot, and then had a anxiety attack the next day? Do you think the after effects of alcohol and alot to do with having the anxiety attack?

I am not sure but:
When i have an anxiety attack i start trembling
When I have a panic attack i feel like i am going to die.

Is there any difference or are they both the same?

I suffer bad anxiety and always have panic attacks…well at least i thought they were panic attacks. Someone mentioned anxiety attack to me today so i thought it was the same thing, but someone told me otherwise?

What is the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack ?
I’ve been suffering from panic attacks and wanted to find out more about it and how it links with anxiety attacks.

Thanks in advance.

Anxiety Attack?

I started getting shaky and about an hour later, my arm was spasming and twitching, my eye was twitching, and my ear felt like there was some pressure pushing my ears outwards.
My doctor says I might have anxiety, but I don’t feel anxious or worried.
Did I have an anxiety attack? Or something else?

anxiety attack?

I sometimes get anxiety attacks, but today something happened for the first time. After the attack, I had an extremely dry dry dry mouth!! the anxiety attack, at least thats what i think it was….racing heart, shaky hands and legs, feeling like I was gonna pass out, die, have a heart attack, etc…..so the attack lasted long enough for me to run down 4 flights of stairs to my car….so do u think the dry mouth was caused by an anxiety attack? if so, why does this happen??

Anxiety attack?

Can you have an anxiety attack, when you don’t feel stressed, and actually feel elated? In my previous question some people mentioned that I could be experiencing an anxiety attack, since I just had a baby (4 months ago) and the stress that comes with that. I was walking with my daughter, I felt really good, healthy, happy, and really in the zone. I had stress all week, this was my relaxation time. So my question, can you experience an anxiety attack when you are really in a good mood? Any experiences??? If you have had one please describe in full detail. Thanks so much!

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