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i had a panic attack a few days ago and since then ive been more pale in the face than usual.
im naturally fair skinned anyway buy im paler than usual ,is this a common symptom 4 someone with panic attacks?

I have woken up a few times thinking I am slipping away from reality.
Last night I couldn’t sleep till 5am and woke up at 9am in a panic attack thinking I was not long for this world and losing my grip on reality. I had to get out of bed and run in my flat hall away to catch my breath.
does anyone else experience this? and what could it mean?

How can I actually get my panic attack to come on? ?

I keep getting a tight chest and only once did I have a proper full on panic attack, after this happened I felt loads better. I know how to deal with them once they actually come but sitting around feeling really bad is not helpful. Anyone got any advice?

scared of peoples faces because of panic attack?

i had a panic attack and i couldn’t breath propaly and i was shaking. I now panic when i look into people eyes its horrible. and am quite affraid can anyone hlep
i had an attack 2 days ago and feel as though everything. ie people and the world is different and it’s not right.

i used hash back in july – 4 months ago – it gave me a panic attack. i still feel anxious sometimes and experience pretty mild panic attacks. im wondering if it will ever go away? anyone have any ideas?
to all who asked, im 20 year old male

what are the syndromes of panic attack?

i don’t know if i have panic attack or other illnesses.
i always feel my muscles are so tense especially muscle on my neck which makes my head have a great tendency to tremble. what’s going wrong with me?
i always feel my muscles so tense especially muscle on my neck which makes my head have a great tendency to tremble. what’s going wrong with me?

I just had a panic attack and then i blacked out?

Read other question about symptoms i got for panic attack. Just now everything went fuzzy i couldn’t hear properly. I feel nauseous. Then it went black. :/ i’m not gonna wake my mom/mum up. What should I do?

I’ve got GS (liver condition) which makes me get stomach migraines, and i’ve had a panic attack because of it before. But I didn’t have a stomach pain so it can’t be my GS, i just don’t get what caused it. Any ideas?

whilst on my own here

im feeling vulnerable today & yday, lonely and having a bit of a panic attack right now, it wont go away, im trying wrapping myself in warm blanket cos the feeling wont go, what can take this feeling away ive tried everything, warm tea etc

im supposed 2 be studying
feel sad,

nobody to talk 2
just feel cant move, like a gripping feeling

why does my tongue tingle when i have a panic attack?

last night i was trying to go to sleep, and suddenly felt really panicky, it felt like my tongu was sweeling up and began to tingle… i was quite scared and nearly had a panic attack….never had anything like this before, and dont suffer from any illnesses?

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