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I’ve got GS (liver condition) which makes me get stomach migraines, and i’ve had a panic attack because of it before. But I didn’t have a stomach pain so it can’t be my GS, i just don’t get what caused it. Any ideas?

whilst on my own here

im feeling vulnerable today & yday, lonely and having a bit of a panic attack right now, it wont go away, im trying wrapping myself in warm blanket cos the feeling wont go, what can take this feeling away ive tried everything, warm tea etc

im supposed 2 be studying
feel sad,

nobody to talk 2
just feel cant move, like a gripping feeling

End Panic Attacks

Anxiousness happens to all of us. Most people can work through the fear and go on to live their lives doing whatever they elect to do. For other people, it’s not that easy. The anxiety builds until a panic attack occurs, that is when you need to get hold of Panic Away ebook.

How do most doctors handle a patient with panic attacks? Not especially good. Quite a Number of patients either get a transfer to a psychiatrist or a promptly written prescription for anti nervousness medication. The panic attacks come back in full force once the medication is stopped. Why? since the attacks were just covered and not cared for.

Drugs prescribed for anti anxiety or panic disorder were never premeditated to be a cure. They labor on your nervous system. The body has what’s called a Central Nervous System (CNS) that gets and emits out signals.

Now and then, those signals are able to become amiss. It’s not any person’s shortcoming when that happens. The involuntary structure in the body is one that amazes most family doctors as they’ve been trained to repair whatsoever health manifestation they see is wrong.

For instance – a patient comes into their workplace with a pounding heart rate. The physician directs them to a cardiologist to undergo thousands of dollars worth of tests. If nil comes out up on the tests, the physician says zilch is wrong. But it’s the doctor who is wrong.

They have not been taught to glimpse beyond the external symbols to what’s carrying on inside. So they prescribe medication that only soothes the symptoms and doesn’t fix the problem. These medicines are like carrying a teaspoon of water along with you to have on a midday trek across the Sahara Desert. You may think as if everything is all right, however it’s only an deception because of the drugs. Once the drugs are coming out of your system, the panic attacks come straight away.

The lucky part is that you can refuse living that way. You don’t need to just cover up your panic attacks. There is no disgrace caught up in having a panic attack. There are people who don’t understand them and doctors who don’t understand them, but that’s the situation with almost every wellbeing condition known.

Get Into your head that the difficulty isn’t you. You cannot stop how your body’s CNS responds to some signals, nevertheless you are able to find an successful way to stop them. You are able to obtain treatment for your panic attacks via Joe Barry Panic Away.

This successful treatment course won’t have you running to the psychiatrist and you won’t have to sit in front of a doctor who only wishes to press pills at you. Joe Barry Panic Away wasn’t developed in a lab by someone who read about panic attacks in a medical journal. It was produced by Joe Barry who has walked the road you’re walking and knows exactly how you are feeling.

last night i was trying to go to sleep, and suddenly felt really panicky, it felt like my tongu was sweeling up and began to tingle… i was quite scared and nearly had a panic attack….never had anything like this before, and dont suffer from any illnesses?

What does a panic attack feel like?

i keep finding it hard to breathe, and tightening at the chest and all, is this a panic attack or anything?

Even so, what does a panic attack feel like?
Do you know what i keep getting?
Basically i just start shaking (its usually when i think about like being thin, or fat or something) and then find it hard to breathe and get shortness of breath, and i get chest pains a bit, and my chest feels like really tight.

I was wondering that if in your dream you had a panic attack.. Does this mean that your body is actually having one? Because I dreamt that I was having a panic attack where i was breathing in and out very fast. Because I thought i was going to be late for a exam. But I’m not sure if i was really having an attack or it was just in my head :S and could this be anxiety, whats the difference between the two ?
Thankyou in advance 🙂

I was really anxious last night and had uncontrollable muscle spasms, mostly in my stomach and then I started hyperventilating. Does this constitute a panic attack? Any advice on how to control these symptoms and to get calm again quickly?

I experience my first panic attack yesterday while driving. I didn’t know what was happening and thought I was having a heart attack. I pulled in and some people phoned an abulance as I couldn’t even move at this stage. Doctors diagnosed a panic attack. Terrifying experience, I hope to never go through it again

Panic Attack Symptom Explained

Panic attack symptoms may vary from person to person but they are all marked by an intense feeling of fear, most of the time with no apparent cause. It is hard to imagine what a sufferer of panic attacks go through.

Many people will call for medical help when they first experience panic attack symptoms because they are afraid they are having either a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

Panic attack symptoms will normally last an average of about ten minutes but they are the worst 10 minutes of a person’s life. Below are some of the most common feelings and bodily reactions to panic attacks.

• Pounding heart
• Shudders
• Sweating
• Nausea
• Trembling
• Trembling
• Feeling of choking
• Pain of chest
• Fear of dying
• The extreme numbness or tingling

The most disturbing thing on the symptoms of panic attack is that they occur most often at random and without warning. Physiologically, what happens in the body is the relief of hormones such as adrenaline, or epinephrine that is the primordial response of the body to mortal danger. You might recognize that the response better as flight or fight.

The Progress

When you have had panic attacks symptoms, it’s extremely essential that you consult a doctor. Panic attacks that left untreated will grow or induce someone to start to avoid any daily activity out of fear. It may cause anxiety problems more serious like phobias of leaving home.


While it is not certain what causes panic attacks symptoms in every case there is some strong evidence to suggest that there are triggers.

• Heredity- There is some evidence to suggest that panic disorders run in families. Of course, there are also environmental factors including overly cautious approach to the world that may play a role in panic attack symptoms in family members.

• Short term – The loss of a close friend or loved one can often times trigger anxiety as a person deals with grief.

• The negative talk – Someone that lives permanently on the theme “What if” situations or makes negative self-talk may suffer symptoms of panic attack.

• Drugs, alcohol- Certain drugs and even alcohol abuse can trigger panic or anxiety disorders.

There are many more triggers or causes of panic attack symptoms to consider. You should talk with your family physician or psychiatrist to determine what your particular triggers are.

How to breathe when having a panic attack?

Every time I have a panic attack, I feel like everything I do to breathe normally makes it worse. If I breathe too much I feel like I’m not getting any oxygen and if I breathe less I feel like I’m not getting any oxygen.

Sometimes I just hold my breath, but then feel like I’m going to pass out.
The thing with panic attacks that confuses me is that they say you have too much oxygen, but then why do I feel so dizzy like I’m going to pass out? It’s like the oxygen is not getting to my brain, yes it’s horrible.

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