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As a qualified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, I have many clients who benefit from hypnotherapy to deal with their fears and phobias. Wendi Friesen is an American Hypnotherapist who has become very popular and successful through her hypnosis products and her radio show.



Wendi Freisen HypnosisDo you suffer from the painful effects of panic attacks and
anxiety?  If so, then you probably know how difficult finding an effective solution can be.  You’ve
probably tried traditional methods of treatment, such as therapy or prescription medication.

Unfortunately, these treatments often do not work for panic attack sufferers — and those that do obtain benefit
from these treatments find that they offer only limitedeffectiveness.  If you have found that traditional
treatments do not work for you, then a new system developed by Wendi Freisen just might be your ticket to

Wendi Freisen offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to eliminating panic attacks.The techniques and
strategies contained within her system are particularly useful forpanic attack sufferers, because they can be used
right away.  There is no need to waitfor months to benefit from therapy or counseling.  And, because
Wendi’s approach is natural, you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant side effects of prescription medications in
order to obtain freedom from your panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

Wendi Freisen also has a great section on Hypnosis and Sexual Health

Hypno Mojo DVD

Hypnotize your lover

The Big O

Sensual Woman

Ultimate Orgasm

Sexual Confidence

Porn Addiction

Bring back the passion

Increase your sexual potency

You’ve GOT to try this one, on MY personal recommendation:

Hypnotic Ultimate

(well, ya know..I’ve gotta try
these things out before I recommend them! Right? )

Hypnotic Orgasm Wendi Freisen Big O

the blurb from Wendi

( The Orgasm…a popular subject.

I am very often asked about hypnosis and orgasm and if it is possible to induce an orgasm hypnotically. It is
possible, and really it is not that difficult to understand why this can happen. During sleep our mind often
induces orgasms without any physical stimulation. In a hypnosis session I can suggest that the mind will have more
dreams that induce orgasms, thereby strengthening the mind’s ability to respond during sleep. The next step is to
create an anchor or something that will initiate the orgasm response during waking time with just a word, or a
trigger. (and that could be a lot of fun, next time you are out to dinner) (instructions for how to do this are in
the book,
Hypnotize Your Lover)

This CD has a process for illuminating your body and
assigning certain colors and feelings to each stage, or level of an orgasm.

This process will often create a full body orgasm and will lengthen the duration of the orgasm.

Your entire body is a sex organ, now you can learn how to use all of it for deeper pleasure. The process is one
that creates different levels that are subconsciously assigned to the orgasm and sensation. By identifying these
levels and connecting a color to them, the mind can move from level to level by changing the color.

Imagine that a level ONE is slight arousal and level FIVE is climax. In this hypnosis process each level becomes a
color. Your mind can use this color to stay at a level or float right into the next level and sensation, or to
intensify the feeling, or linger in a moment. For women who have trouble reaching orgasm this gives the brain a
mechanism to let go and focus on the natural sensations and reach a climax.

For men who have trouble with premature ejaculation, it can help them to stay at a level without going further and
be in control of the process. )

The system offered by Wendi Freisen is based on Wendi.comhypnotherapy, which is recognized as a very
powerful technique for uncovering the root causes of panic attacks and anxiety, and eliminating them from your
life.  Her hypnotherapy-based approach can help you obtain relief in a matter of days, not weeks or

Although many people are hesitant to try hypnotherapy as a means for improving their lives, it is quite
safe.  Contrary to what most people believe, hypnotherapy is not aform of mind control.  It is nothing
like “stage hypnosis,” in which people areconvinced that they are chickens or monkeys.

With hypnosis, you remain completely in control, and you will be entirely aware of what is going on.  It is
entirely up to youto evaluate and except the suggestions given during hypnosis, so you cannot be made to think or
do anything that conflicts with your personal beliefs.

Wendi Freisen has spent many years tailoring her hypnosis approach to meet the needs of a wide variety of
clients, including panic attack sufferers.  She offers a gentle,comfortable approach that has benefited
thousands of people around the world.  She understands how debilitating panic attacks and anxiety can be, so
her hypnotherapy isdesigned to eliminate these conditions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If your schedule makes it difficult for you to commit to personal hypnosis sessions, or if you are simply
uncomfortable with dealing with a hypnotherapist directly, Wendi Freisen offers hypnosis through CDs and
downloadable audio files.  If you choose the downloadable files, you can be on your way to freedom from panic
attacks in a matter of minutes.

You can even transfer the files to your MP3 player, so you can listen to them on your lunch break, during a long
walk, or in any other situation where you will not bedisturbed.

The hypnotherapy offered by Wendi Freisen has helped hundreds of people eliminate their panic
attacks, and it can help you as well!

Here are a selection of Wendi Friesen hypnotherapy products: