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Hypnotic Ultimate Orgasm

Hypnotic Orgasm Wendi Freisen Big O

the blurb from Wendi Freisen:

( The Orgasm…a popular subject.

I am very often asked about hypnosis and orgasm and if it is possible to induce an orgasm hypnotically. It is
possible, and really it is not that difficult to understand why this can happen.

Sleep Orgasms:During sleep our mind often induces
orgasms without any physical stimulation. In a hypnosis session I can suggest that the mind will have more dreams
that induce orgasms, thereby strengthening the mind’s ability to respond during sleep. The next step is to create
an anchor or something that will initiate the orgasm response during waking time with just a word, or a trigger.
(and that could be a lot of fun, next time you are out to dinner) (instructions for how to do this are in the
Hypnotize Your Lover).

This CD has a process for illuminating your body and assigning certain colors and feelings to each stage,
or level of an orgasm.

This process will often create a full body orgasm and will lengthen the duration of the orgasm.

Your entire body is a sex organ, now you can learn how to use all of it for deeper pleasure. The process is one
that creates different levels that are subconsciously assigned to the orgasm and sensation. By identifying these
levels and connecting a color to them, the mind can move from level to level by changing the color.

Imagine that a level ONE is slight arousal and level FIVE is climax. In this hypnosis process each level becomes a
color. Your mind can use this color to stay at a level or float right into the next level and sensation, or to
intensify the feeling, or linger in a moment. For women who have trouble reaching orgasm this gives the brain a
mechanism to let go and focus on the natural sensations and reach a climax.

For men who have trouble with premature ejaculation, it can help them to stay at a level without
going further and be in control of the process. )