I know that guys and girls experience orgasms differently, so this question is for women only please. My girlfriend has been practicing hypnotism on me during foreplay and I noticed that the sensation of me being in a hypnotic trance and the feeling I get during and after orgasm feels very similar. I don’t know how to describe it, except to say that I’m absolutely calm and emotionless, but very blissful. Does anyone else feel this way? I mentioned this to my girlfriend (who is a brainiac, she reads everything!) and she told me that it’s because during orgasm, the parts of our brain that controls our emotions and behavior shuts down and we ARE in a trance like state, much like if we were hypnotized. So that got me thinking…like during or post orgasm, when your girlfriend tells you that she loves your or that you belong to her, is she like, subliminally programming you to love her even more? Or make you even more submissive to her? Thankfully, I like being submissive, but if I weren’t, I would find the idea a bit disturbing 😛

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